Rajagiri outREACH engages senior citizens with the utmost respect and gratitude in all its dedicated programmes and has trained professionals to ensure that beneficiaries experience joy, peace of mind, and self-esteem. The intention of the Elderly Care Support programmes is to extend a recreational platform for the elderly to overcome their loneliness and rejuvenate themselves in a group atmosphere. Rajagiri outREACH initiated the first day care centre in 1996, and later expanded to three more Day Care centres namely “Pakalveedu,” in Kothad, Kadamakkudy and Binanipuram, Ernakulam District, Kerala for the senior citizens, where they gather together and spend quality time with recreational activities, yoga and meditation, meaningful discussions, leisure trips, health camps, awareness classes, observation of important days and festivals, etc. This initiative was modelled later by the Government of Kerala which now runs such centres across the state.