While women and children get much attention, ageing is seldom raised up as a social issue in the country. Rajagiri outREACH engages senior citizens with utmost respect and gratitude in all its dedicated programmes and has trained professionals to ensure that beneficiaries experience joy, peace of mind and self-esteem.Programmes cater to beneficiaries at Day Care Centres for Elders known as ‘Pakalveedu’, an initiative by Rajagiri outREACH, which was modelled later by the Government of Kerala and now runs such centres across the state. The day care centre for the Elderly, functioning in Kothad, Kadamakkudy and Binanipuram, Ernakulam District, Kerala.“Pakalveedukal” are functioning with the support of various Corporates, LSG’s, clubs, organizations, etc. The emphasis is on non-institutional and Community Based Services (CBS) with the intention of integrating the elderly with the community. The purpose and basic principle of the approach is to assist the elderly who experience isolation, rejection and suffer from insecurity, anxiety and depression.